ATH A2000X and Fostex TH900 HIFI

1. Art monitor headphones: ATH A2000X head-mounted monitor

The earphones of the Iron Triangle are generally labeled as “poisonous” and “demon”. In the eyes of enthusiasts, they must not be qualifiers, but there are exceptions. The A-series headphones of the Iron Triangle are always in the eyes of enthusiasts. The representative of “normal”. Compared with the equipment used for monitoring, the A series of headphones are greatly enhanced by tuning, which makes it not as plain and tasteless as white water. The iron triangle is also because of this sound quality, to A. The series is named “Art Monitor” series.

Speaking of this series of headphones, you may have seen it in the past. In the past, the judges used the A-series headphones with the iron triangle to monitor and evaluate the players’ singing level. This is not a big affirmation of the sound quality of this series of headphones.

A2000X is the flagship product of the A series. As a weapon for professional applications and HIFI appreciation, it should not be compared with the momentum and QC25, but the yen’s plunging not long ago made it only about 300 Dollar for this headset. Because of this, if you look at it from the perspective of a friend, the cost performance of this headset is more than the two recommended.


The A2000X has a professional style, so there is a certain gap between fashion and beauty. However, unlike other A-series low-end earphones, its outer casing is made of brushed titanium, which is considered to be easy to handle. The head beam is consistent with the traditional iron triangle advanced product, and it adopts the form of metal strip + 3D tablet. In addition, the A2000X’s headphone cable also uses long crystal deoxidized copper up to 6N (that is, the purity is 99.9999%, the impurity content does not exceed one part per million), and the voice coil is made of 7N (99.99999%, the impurity content is not More than one in 10 million) of deoxidized copper is wound.

Sound quality

The A2000X features modern sound: high-frequency, bright, and analytics. But compared to the completely straightforward listening headphones, the A2000X has enough musical sense. In addition, although the sound unit has a diameter of 53 mm, thanks to the deep manufacturing skills of the iron triangle in the manufacture of low-impedance headphones, the A2000X can be fully used with portable audio sources such as mobile phones. In particular, due to the poor analytical power of the front-end. It just happens to soften the A2000X too much, and it doesn’t make the sound too loose.


If there is anything wrong with the A2000X, it is portability – even if you don’t say the huge titanium bowl, the 3 m headphone cable will not let you play happily on public transport, so the A2000X can be carried around. Carrying, but more suitable as a headset for listening to music in the office.

2, Fostex TH900 HIFI headphones

Fengda is not a traditional headphone manufacturing giant, but it has been committed to the OEM business, and the long-term OEM experience has made it a hidden BOSS behind many headset manufacturers.

As a foundry factory in Japan, Fengda has a deep cooperative relationship with Japanese headset manufacturers. The previously famous wooden bowl D7000 is one of its products. It is precise because of Fengda’s rich production experience and deep technical accumulation that its TH900 has just become a new benchmark for the wooden bowl.


Compared with the long wooden bowl production line of the iron triangle (W1000, W2002, W3000ANV, W5000, and even L3000), TH900 is not inferior in workmanship. The base of the wooden shell is made from Japanese water sakura, painted. The process was provided by a SAKAMOTO URUSHI store, which was founded in 1900. The entire earphone polishing process is exquisite, and the lacquering process is also exquisite, which makes many people have the illusion that “this earphone is a plastic case?”

Sound quality

Do you think the TH900 just has a shiny appearance?

The heart of the TH900 is a 50 mm unit driven by a 1.5 Tesla magnetic field. Tesla is a unit of magnetic field strength. Since the absolute value of 1 Tesla is very large, in actual life, we often see magnetic fields of mT (10-3 Tesla) or even μT (10-6 Tesla). Through material technology efforts, Fengda successfully produced a magnetic field of up to 1.5 Tesla at the drive unit and used it to drive the unit. The powerful magnetic field strength provides a powerful driving force, and even if the unit weight remains the same, it can get excellent transients. It is with this technology that the TH900’s sound quality has made a huge leap compared to any other closed headphones (even T5P, Beyerdynamic’s new flagship).


It should be noted that the TH900 requires an excellent driver to fully utilize the full strength of the 1.5 Tesla, while the portable device rarely has such output capability; more importantly, the TH900’s clean outer casing makes it easy to make it a scratch collection. Device. In summary, although the TH900 can be regarded as the flagship product with both appearance and sound quality, it is best to use it in the office.

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