Seven sports headphones

1.Sennheiser MX685 sports headphones

Recommended for friends who are not very concerned about sound quality. It has stereo earphones and is sport-specific, waterproof, sweat-proof and anti-shedding. Silver blue is still a partnership with Adidas.

In the regular e-commerce purchase, there is a two-year warranty period.

2.Koss KSC32L sports headphones

Koss is an old American headset company, and its quality is still guaranteed. American branded headphones are similar in their pursuit of sound quality. This headset is more suitable for listening to popular and rock music. It includes basic functions in sports, sweat-proof waterproof and over-the-ear design.

3.JBL Reflect sports headphones

Beautiful appearance, there are many color choices. Everyone who loves Show can think about it.

One of the highlights of JBL Reflect is the addition of reflective material to the flat headphone cable that outdoor night runners can consider.

Reflect is more inclined to high-frequency boost, its high-frequency speed is faster, it will sound brighter. The medium frequency is clean and the separation is good. Moderate density; low frequency is less. For friends who like to be popular, it can be the first choice.

4.Jabra SPORT/Moving 2 Generation Sports Headphones

Jabra is my highly recommended sports headset brand. Its sports headphones series can be chosen by everyone. It sponsors a lot of sporting events and it puts a lot of energy into the sports headphones.

The basic needs of this headset are considered. Sweat-proof and waterproof, wireless Bluetooth, built-in FM radio, anti-winding jaws and seven sets of earbuds.

PS: Jabra Sport Pulse This is a top-class sports headset, and everyone who has silver is recommended to receive this. In addition to the above functions, it has its own GPS function; with five sports apps, you can always have voice science fitness guidance. These features can basically replace your sports watch and other sports intelligence hardware.

5. Plantronics BackBeat FIT Sports Headphones

Can be regarded as the best cost-effective sports headphones! All sports headset functions are included at the same time as the price is guaranteed.

With 8 hours of listening to battery life, there are luminous bars to meet the needs of the outdoor night running.

There is no problem in wearing it on rainy days. And it looks very beautiful.

6.JayBird Bluebuds X Sports Headphones

The Bluetooth signal is very good, and there is no music in the pants or jacket pocket. It is not broken in the room and walked out of the door for 3-4 meters.

The mid-high-pitched sound is good, the sound field is very wide, and it is very good in this small unit;

Charging with the MicroUSB cable, you can plug it into the phone charger to charge, this is still very convenient

Sound insulation is also very good;

Battery life: Charging is about 2 hours or so. It can be used for more than 6 hours. It will indicate that the battery is low. After that, it will be closed for nearly half an hour.

The X-Fit clip can fold the headphone cable so that the headset can be worn in two ways, which is more flexible;

Support multiple pairs with devices (up to eight devices);

There are JENNA voice prompts (but all are English tips), telling you the status of the headset.

7.Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless Sports Headphones

I have to say that many people now say that it is not good. I feel that its name is not true, and the sound quality is not proportional to the price. But you have to admit that it has successfully changed from a headset brand to a street card, and many people still like it for no reason. I recommend this headset, no matter the appearance, wireless convenience, the sound quality is very recommended, of course, its beautiful Beats Logo is also to make your influx of people.

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