Bluetooth earphone

With the decline of technology thresholds and the popularity of a large number of cheap components, Bluetooth headsets have long since faded away from the mysterious and business veil, which is more widely accepted by consumers. At the same time, with the radical mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple cancel the earphone hole Bluetooth headsets have become the best partner for smartphones; coupled with the current popular Bluetooth 4.2 technology, and the support of LDAC, AptX, and other connection technologies, Bluetooth headsets are very mature in terms of battery life and sound quality. Read more please visit: a very good product. Because there are too many Bluetooth headsets on the market, the choice of Bluetooth headsets is very knowledgeable.

Comment out:

NFC: Near field communication technology, the Bluetooth headset with this function can be quickly paired and connected by touching the playback device.

AAC: The technology provided by Dolby Laboratories is a high compression ratio encoding algorithm. There is a lot of AAC audio on Apple music. The sound quality is better than MP3 at the same bit rate, and AAC encoding is used when iPhone transmits Bluetooth.

AptX: Qualcomm’s main coding technology is more efficient than traditional Bluetooth coding, and the details of sound retention are more. Most new Android phones are equipped with AptX, but Bluetooth headsets are also required to support AptX.

LDAC: Sony’s own Bluetooth transmission technology, which can transmit 3 times the data of ordinary Bluetooth, and play lossless music under Bluetooth, but only Sony devices support this technology.

In simple terms, AAC < AptX < LDAC at the transmission rate. From the sound source, if the playback is lossless music, then the actual listening sense AAC <AptX < LDAC, but because most users use NetEase cloud or QQ music and other network players, the audio source is mainly 128K or 320K MP3, so There is no significant difference in the actual listening sense between these several coding modes.

Bluetooth headset works

The working principle of the Bluetooth headset can be roughly divided into four steps as shown in the figure:

The decoding chip in the mobile phone decodes music files such as MP3, generates digital signals and transmits them to the Bluetooth earphone through Bluetooth;

The Bluetooth headset receives the digital signal and converts it into an analog signal that the adult ear can understand through the digital-to-analog conversion chip inside the Bluetooth headset;

To amplify the analog signal, a signal amplification chip inside the earphone is needed;

The earphone unit receives the amplified signal and makes a sound, and the ear hears the music.

Does the Bluetooth headset sound?

For a long time, the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets has been criticized, and even the saying “Bluetooth headsets are heard” often has two reasons:

1. When Bluetooth transmits audio data, the audio is lossy compressed, and the sound quality is lost;

2. Digital-to-analog conversion and amplification are all done inside the Bluetooth headset. It is very difficult to do both of these things at such a small size, so the sound quality is further sacrificed for portability and price.

The second point is the most important reason. After understanding the principle of Bluetooth headset, we know that to make the Bluetooth headset work normally, you need to install the battery, Bluetooth module, digital-to-analog conversion circuit, amplifier circuit, headphone unit, etc. in the earphone housing. The series of components, which is a test of the manufacturer’s product design capabilities and comprehensive technical strength. However, to achieve this step, it only meets the needs of “sounding”. Want to sound good, but also need to tune, this link to verify the different performance of different materials under different wires, the specific performance of the headset sound, in short, is a more complicated process, but also the main research and development costs of manufacturers.

Simply put, the Bluetooth headset is a product of a compromised mindset that reduces some of the sound quality in order to get rid of the constraints of the headphone cord. However, at present, the quality of Bluetooth headsets made by traditional earphone manufacturers is generally better (of course, the price is more expensive), which can satisfy the demand for music appreciation by most users, and the low-cost Bluetooth headsets produced by small manufacturers so I can only “listen to”.

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