Game player to see the best game headset purchase guide

Whether it is a professional gamer or an amateur gamer, look here. Click here
When you are focusing on a game, are you often irritated because you don’t have a good game headset, no matter what it is, I recommend one? A professional gaming headset for everyone.

How to choose a game headset

Ergonomic design

For game fans, the time to manipulate the game tends to be longer, and all the game headphones that are worn have a hard level of comfort. At this point, the famous V6 esports gaming headset of Siberia, which is famous for its e-sports peripheral brand, can be fully qualified, and the price-performance and comfort level are well received and loved by the majority of game fans. Large, responsive headband with ergonomic design, soft and comfortable headband with the elastic head-mounted speaker for a comfortable fit on the ear, wide earmuffs for full cover, skin-like leather ear The sleeve has a zero-pressure wearing feel and excellent sound insulation for long-term use.

Excellent sound quality, accurate sound effects

An excellent esports gaming headset that allows you to hear the subtle sounds of the game and feel the subtle differences that are immersive. The footsteps, gunshots, cut shots, changing sounds, shooting sounds, and breathing sounds in the game, good gaming headphones can have a good judgment on the sound orientation. Siberia V6 uses a 50mm large drive unit, imported neodymium magnet, high-performance magnetic circuit system design, strong sound quality, providing a clear and clear original sound. Large diameter OFC oxygen-free copper super wide voice coil for superior sound. Enhance the bass and overall range, while also increasing the frequency response to 10-2800Hz, optimized for professional gamers, any subtle sound can be better reflected.

Excellent performance, team battle is more exciting

Team combat is commonplace. All professional gaming headsets can also provide high-quality call effects. It is more convenient to connect with teammates through the microphone and complete the game tasks. The Siberian V6 is designed with an omnidirectional microphone. The sounding unit uses the sensing technology to make the microphone recognize the voice through the sound. It can acquire the higher quality voice signal from the sound source position point-to-point while suppressing the voice of other speakers and filtering the environmental noise. , has a good space selectivity so that the pickup effect is the ultimate.

to sum up:

Siberia has been insisting on research and development to produce high-quality products that meet the market demand for many years and has incorporated the trend into the products. Therefore, it has won unanimous praise from many Internet cafe owners and gamers, strong factory strength, professional production equipment and processes, and excellent engineering. The team, rigorous quality inspection, and excellent after-sales service can make game fans can buy the rest assured, comfortable!

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